With Christmas right around the corner, you may be searching for the perfect new addition to your family. However, bringing a pooch into your family is a massive commitment. To ensure your pupper fits perfectly within your lifestyle make sure you select the correct breed. Each breed has numerous attributes which influence their personality, activity levels, and temperament.  We’ve created a run-through of ideas only, of the correct breed for you, based on your lifestyle. 

NOTE: PatchPets are not breed specialists or professionals. This is simple advice only.

The Active Lifestyle 

If your idea of the paw-fect weekend involves visiting the beach for a swim or hiking a nearby mountain, then the following breeds should fit nicely into your lifestyle. 

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi 

Known as the Queen’s preferred breed, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi packs high energy levels. Corgis were originally bred as herding dogs, hence they have the high energy levels needed to successfully chase around herds. An added bonus is that they’re ridiculously cute. 

The Border Collie

If high, high energy levels are what you seek, look no further than the Border Collie. Known for their consistent need to be outdoors playing, running or fetching, Border Collies will be sure to keep you on your feet. 

The Labrador 

After a swimming buddy? Labradors are known for their love of water. Originally bred to help Fishermen retrieve nets, ropes or fish, this breed is as hard-working as their ancestors. With this comes high energy levels. 

The ‘Netflix’ and Chill Lifestyle 

Do you prefer the comfort of your own home? Are you and your couch in a long-term relationship? We’ve found the perfect couch-potato breeds to accompany you while you binge-watch the latest Netflix series. However, no matter how lazy your doggo is, it’s important to remember that all dogs require some sort of exercise to remain healthy! 

The Bulldog 

No surprise here, the bulldog has the perfect body type to match the couch-potato image. A bulldogs favourite hobby is a nice long nap next to you on the couch. 

The Pekingese 

This breed’s ancestors had the royal duty of being small lap dogs for Chinese Emperors. This very important lap dog trait has continued through to the breed today. So, if you’re after the perfect little ball of fluff to nap quietly on your lap, then the Pekingese is the breed for you. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

The Cavalier may be small but carries with it a heart of gold. Known for being your little shadow, the Cavalier will make sure your lap is never cold. This cheerful dog wants nothing more than to be by your side…even if that means watching the 6th episode of Game of Thrones in a row.

The ‘Family’ Lifestyle 

Searching for the perfect breed to fit right into the family? Some puppers personalities have been bred to live with children. There is nothing better than growing up with a furry friend by your side and the following breeds are up for the job. 

The Golden Retriever 

This breed is known for their personality traits such as their confidence, smartness and most importantly their kindness. What makes them fit perfectly within any family is their patience. While this breed needs a lot of exercise, your children can easily exert some of this energy with the Golden Retrievers favourite activity; fetch! 

The Beagle 

The Beagle’s calm temperament and love for the outdoors are key traits known to help fit right into most families. Their calm temperament also means this breed gets along nicely with other dog breeds. Originally bred as hunting dogs, this small breed will have plenty of energy to keep kids entertained. 

The Cavoodle

Created in Australia, this gorgeous little mix breed (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Poodle) is the perfect addition to any family. Combining the lovingness of the Cavalier with the smartness of the Poodle creates the perfect little breed. Known for their adaptability, this little breed can make the perfect addition to your family! 

Disclaimer: ** We may be slightly biased for the last breed. Co-creator of the PatchPets app @quincythecavoodle is the perfect example of the cuteness of this breed. **

As always, before shopping for your new pooch, make sure to check out your local shelters!