Does your doggo love the treat jar just a bit too much? Does the sight of food make their tail wag at a million miles an hour? Their love for food may have unfortunately resulted in an increase in their waistline. This is very common in Australia, with more than 41% of dogs being overweight or obese. If your dog is obese this cannot only hinder their quality of life but can also decrease their life expectancy. Follow our 5 tips to get that weight down and improve their life! 

Cut the carbs: 

The ratio of carbs to protein and fat is far more important than the count of calories for your dog. As is expected, dogs thrive on a high-protein diet. It helps to promote lean muscles. The ultimate diet for our furry friends is low carbs, high protein and moderate fat. 

Become your dog’s chef: 

If you have the time, why not become your dog’s chef? Cooking your dog’s food means you know exactly what is going into their diet. You have complete control over the carb’s, protein and fat content. However, make sure your dog is receiving adequate nutrition. Whole Dog Journal offers a rundown of the best way to make your dog’s food. 

Portioning is key: 

Putting your furbaby on a diet also means having to reduce their portion size. It is recommended that you reduce your dog’s food by 5% for a week or two. Remember to weigh your dog to see if this reduction is also reducing their weight. If their weight has not reduced, cut their portion size back by another 5%. Continue gradually reducing the portion size until they begin to lose weight. This method ensures greater long-term success, as the slow steady method impacts the dog’s metabolism more successfully. 

DISCLAIMER: Whilst the above advice provided is simple and helpful, Patchpets are not qualified, veterinary professionals. In all circumstances, please seek the advice of a pet professional. We cannot see your pet, they can.

Treats for special occasions: 

We know it can be easy to overindulge your dog in treats. While treats can be great motivators, ensure you are only giving your dog tactical treats. Choose treats which are single-ingredient, low calories and provide health benefits.  Healthy treats such as blueberries, sweet potato or small dried chicken strips are a good option. If you are training your dog, make sure you break your treats into tiny pieces!


All dogs need exercise to live a healthy life. For a dog, it is recommended a 20 to 30 minute brisk walk can improve their cardiovascular health, decrease behavioural issues and boost immune function. Luckily, us humans also need this amount of exercise to remain healthy. So we (hooman and pupper) have no excuse to miss that daily walk! 

You can also utilise the PatchPets app to set up playdates with other pooches so your doggo can exert that excess energy. PatchPets is available for free download of the PatchPets App on both iOS and Android.