Your dog looks up to you for everything and in order to live life to the fullest with them.

Make sure they lead a long and happy life by following these easy, everyday tips: 

1. Monitor How Much You Are Feeding Your Pooch

It’s important to measure your pooch’s food if possible, keeping in mind that most dog food manufacturers recommended serving takes into consideration a dog that leads an active life. So if your dog’s stuck inside a lot or they simply aren’t out and about as much as they should be, then cut the amount of food they consume.

2. Monitor What You Are Feeding Them

Research suggests it’s not recommended to feed a dog human food. Most human foods are unsuitable as they can cause obesity and other problems such as pancreatitis. You can cook their own home cooked meals for them, just ensure to conduct proper research into dog friendly recipes that provide a good balance of protein.  

3. Exercise and Socialisation. Get Them Moving By Hitting the Dog Parks!

Regular walking of your dog or taking them to the park is a primal activity that allows them to get to know the territory. Walking keeps them (and you) mentally and physically healthy and is an important way for them to bond with you.

Dog Parks also offer the opportunity for your pooch to meet new doggo friends and provide that vital socialisation with other dogs, keeping in mind that it’s important to pay close attention to the body language of both dogs, monitoring for key signals and ‘red flags’ that can sometimes lead to aggressive encounters such as – rough excitable play where one dog is having fun, but the other dog is getting overpowered or crushed or when there is a significant size difference between dogs.

4. Take You Dog to the Vet at Least Once a Year 

Taking your dog to the vet regularly is essential at every life stage. It’s especially important when you first bring them home as puppies need a special set of exams and vaccinations, as do adopted dogs with an unknown history or existing medical conditions. As your dog ages, they’ll be more prone to develop illnesses and will require special treatment. At every stage of his life, regular dog health checks will be essential to his growth and development.

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DISCLAIMER: Whilst the above advice provided is simple and helpful, PatchPets are not qualified, veterinary professionals. In all circumstances, please seek the advice of a pet professional. We cannot see your pet, they can.