If you live in Brisbane and you’re looking for the best place to have fun with your pooch, go to one of the many dog parks in the area. It’s by far one of the top pooch-friendly cities in Australia. 

Here’s a list of the 9 happiest places to take your dog in Brisbane and have a blast.


1. Discover Decker Park

You’ll find Decker Park in the Northern side of Brighton, next to the North Pine River’s mouth and to the south of Ted Smout Bridge. This park isn’t only a great place for your doggy, the ocean-themed playground, basketball court, and picnic or barbecue facilities make it a park suitable for just about anyone.

Your dog will certainly enjoy running around off-leash and will have an amazing time playing with the variety of agility equipment available.


2. Chase Your Pooch in Downfall Creek Park

Downfall Creek Park offers a huge area for your dog to play around as its 4 hectares make it one of the largest parks in Brisbane.

It’s situated in the Northern area of the city and it’ll take you about 20 minutes to reach it from the centre. You won’t have any trouble parking, but you can also enjoy the park’s Bikeway if you decide to take your bike instead.

Your dog will have an amazing time playing with the different toys and facilities available in Downfall Creek while you enjoy a barbecue or a picnic.


off-leash dog parks Brisbane


3. Pamper Your Pooch in Tuckeroo Park

Tuckeroo Park is one of the largest off leash dog parks in Brisbane, and you’ll find it on Nudgee Road. Your doggo will have a great time playing when he hits the obstacle courses. You won’t have to pack any water with you because your furry friend can cool off with the water in the park.

But, you’d better take a towel because it can get muddy. For some extra fun, take a walk with your pooch along Nudgee Beach. And make sure your pooch is on a lead.


4. Kalinga Park

Kalinga Park makes any dog wag his tail wildly at the mere sound of its name. You’ll find rolling slopes and a huge unfenced area where your pooch can run free. However, the park is also kid-friendly and has a beautiful playground. You’ll also discover a coffee van open on the weekends. So, you can take your family and enjoy a Saturday morning coffee at Kalinga Park.


5. Run Around the Victoria Dog Park

You’ll discover Victoria Park behind the Centenary Pool complex in Spring Hill. Your doggo can run around the large fenced area while you enjoy your lunch at one of the shaded picnic tables. And, if you really want to test your pooch’s skills, have him run through the ramp and pipes obstacles. It’s a great way to train your pup in one of the best dog parks in Brisbane.


dog-friendly parks Brisbane


6. Check Out the Aquatic Paradise Park

The Aquatic Paradise Park really lives up to its name. It’s situated in the Eastern side of Brisbane, South of Waterloo Bay. It’ll only take you up to half an hour to reach it from Brisbane’s centre.

However, because it’s not fenced off, make sure you keep an eye on your pooch. He’ll enjoy the large play area while you have a picnic while admiring the views of the Bay. And, if you want to join the fun, take your bike and cycle around the park.


7. Have Fun at the Newmarket Park

Newmarket Park is one of the closest parks to Brisbane’s centre. It’ll take you about 15 minutes to drive there from the city’s centre.

Your pooch will enjoy the fully equipped play area with a variety of fun obstacles and the huge space where he can run freely. But, you and your family can make the best of the day out and have a picnic while your kids have fun in the playground.


places to take your dog Brisbane


8. Take a Ride to the Powerhouse Park

The Powerhouse Park is one of the best dog parks in Brisbane, set next to the New Farm Park and Powerhouse in Brisbane. You’ll see many people jogging every morning and afternoon with their pooch joining into the fun. After a powerwalk or relaxing run, you can relax in one of the shaded spots and have a coffee or refreshing juice. Have an amazing Saturday morning with your doggo at the Powerhouse Park.


9. Monoplane St Park

You’ll find the Sunset Dog Park close to Ashgrove and the Gap. It’s a fenced and one of the top off-leash dog parks in Brisbane where your doggo can run and play while you grab a coffee and brunch at the Banneton Bakery nearby. Also, if you’re with your kids, they can have fun at the BMX track. However, make sure you arrive early to find a parking spot.

A day in a dog park can be even more fun with other dog lovers. Try our PatchPets app (Free download from iTunes App Store and Google Play) to find the nearest dog park and local dog communities in your area. 

Pack a few treats, some water, and your doggo’s lead and run off to one of the best dog parks in Brisbane!