Three Tasty Treats to Help Your Pooch Beat the Heat

Three Tasty Treats to Help Your Pooch Beat the Heat

Summer is coming and you know what that means for you and your furry friend – days at the beach, swims in the lake … and the search for delicious ways to beat the heat.

While there are a myriad of options for humans to cool down – ice-cream stop, anyone? – it takes a little more creativity and effort to ensure your pooch has a steady supply of frozen treats at hand (or paw, as it were).

Fortunately for you, the team at PatchPets has come to the rescue with the following homemade and healthy delights that will have your dog wagging their tail when the temperature rises and tantalise your own taste buds if you’re tempted to sample them.


FROZEN BANANA BITES (recipe by Kiki Kane)

Ingredients: 1 banana, 1 ½ cups watermelon, 1 cup pineapple


  • Puree watermelon and set aside. Puree pineapple and set aside 
  • Slice banana into 24 pieces  
  • Place a silicone mold onto a biscuit sheet
  • Place a banana slice in each well 
  • Top each slice with two tablespoons of watermelon puree and top off with pineapple puree
  • Slide the mold into freezer and freeze for four hours

dog snacks


Ingredients: Strawberries, water, peanut butter


  • Blend strawberries with a splash of water
  • Pour into silicone mold
  • Freeze for 3-4 hours 
  • Spread with peanut butter

summer dog treats


Ingredients: 1 ½ cups frozen watermelon, ¼ cup yoghurt (substitute with coconut milk or coconut yoghurt for lactose sensitivities)


  • Dice a few cups of watermelon (removing seeds as you go) 
  • Freeze for four hours (or overnight)
  • Place 1 ½ cups of watermelon into food processor 
  • Add ¼ cup of yoghurt
  • Blitz in food processor, adding more of each ingredient to change flavour
  • Serve immediately 
  • Refreezing may alter texture

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