It’s the time of year where buying an abundance of presents for our fur-babies is acceptable. Whether your pooch is spoiled all year round or only on special occasions, our ultimate gift guide will be sure to get your doggo’s tail wagging. We’ve broken our list down by your pooches personality. Is your furry friend a fashionista? An active doggo? A food-obsessed doggo? Or a toy obsessed doggo? We’ve got the best list of presents for each category! 

The Fashionista

The Fashionista Doggo has a love for looking like the most fashionable dog in the park. To take your doggo a step further, check out these gorgeous products: 

The ‘Food is Life’ Doggo

The ‘Food is Life’ Doggo has a love for all things edible. The following products should help you bring a bit more variety and flavour to their diet: 

The Active Doggo

Does your doggo spend more time outside lapping up the sun, than inside? Then your dog is most probably the ‘Active Doggo’. The following products have been curated to make sure they have the best time while out in the sun: 

The Toy Obsessed Doggo

Does the sound of a squeak get your dog’s tail wagging?! You’re doggo could benefit from some of these pawsome toys: 

We hope our list helps to make your pooches Christmas the best one ever!