A huge aspect of December, as well as the silly season, is all the amazing presents we give and receive. While our fur babies are sure to get spoiled some of our furry friends have not yet found their forever home. Until then, let us give them all the necessities they need and deserve. We’ve curated a list of goodies that those doggo’s in shelters need.

Food & Treats

The largest amount of shelter’s money is spent on food. To make a difference, please consider donating treats and food to your local shelter. Ensure your donated food has not expired or has recently been recalled. Some ideas to get you started include: liver treats, peanut butter (those not including xylitol), canned tuna and fresh vegetables.


Old or new all toys are welcome! However, ensure the following; give your dog’s old toys a wash before donating, make sure the toy will not break down easily, consider donating more durable toys such as Kong. Enrichment toys are also a great donation as they provide shelter dogs hours of fun and mental stimulation while waiting for their forever home. A cheaper alternative is empty toilet rolls.

Cleaning Supplies

Dogs and cats all make little mistakes but sometimes cleaning these mistakes require a lot of cleaning products. Donate cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, window cleaner, paper towels, garbage bags, disinfecting wipes, bleach sponges, rubber and latex gloves.

Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Collars, leads and harnesses of all sizes can be donated. Again these products do not have to be new. Perhaps your puppy no longer fits their harness, consider donating this to your local shelter.  Dog clip collars, rather than buckled collars are preferred.

Sheets & Towels

Sheets and towels offer great bedding for the shelters. Both can be used to line the bottom of cages and blankets to keep animals warm. These items do not need to be new or in perfect condition. However, before donating please wash the items accordingly.

Grooming Supplies

Shelters are always in need of shampoo and flea and worm treatments. These are needed for all types of animals in order to ensure they are clean and healthy.

Office supplies

In order for shelters to function optimally, the administration must also run smoothly. Consider donating items such as A4 paper, plastic sleeves, pens, staples, blu-tac and laminator pouches. 

Alternative – RSPCA Guardian Angel

If you would like to take your generosity a step further consider joining RSPCA’s Guardian Angel Program. Through this program you are able to help care for a homeless animal currently in a shelter. You are able to choose which animal you would like to become a Guardian Angel for!

These products can be donated to your local RSPCA shelters, to locate these shelters use RSPCA Location Finder or the PatchPets app, available for download on iOS and Android.