A Poodle and Cavalier fall in love. One thing leads to another and a puppy is born. This puppy, like other crossbreeds, is the mixture of two separate breeds combined to create one pawsome pooch. These adorable breeds can create the perfect companion for you and your family. No longer labelled ‘mutts’, these crossbreeds are specifically bred to bring out the best traits of different breeds.  Considering a crossbreed yourself? Here’s our list of the most popular crossbreeds available.  



Cavoodles are the pawfect mixture of King Charles Cavalier and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. Created in Australia, this breed is one of the country’s most popular family doggo’s. The Cavoodle is known for their combination of the Poodle’s intelligence and the Cavalier’s affectionate personality. Due to their gentle nature, this breed is especially good with children, making them the perfect family pet.  Cavoodles are also well suited to apartment living, however, require daily walks to dispel excess energy and to keep them healthy. A bonus of this breed is their hypoallergenic coats, meaning they shed little to no hair. 



The Beaglier is the offspring of the affectionate Cavalier and the playful Beagle. Also, created in Australia in the 1990s, the Beaglier’s traits are commonly playful, gentle and affectionate. This breed is also known for their intelligence, as such, they respond well to training. The downfall of this breed can be their hunting instinct, inherited from their Beagle parent, the Beaglier best not be left alone with small animals such as rabbits or cats. The Beaglier thrives on plenty of exercise, so if you need a running buddy, look no further. 



The Groodle is the pawsome hybrid of a Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Similar to the Cavoodle, the Groodle hardly sheds, making them great inside dogs. The nature of the Groodle is described as friendly, loving and always happy. Groodles are extremely intelligent animals which means they respond positively to training. With this, it’s important to consider these intelligent animals will require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them at bay.  Groodles love human interaction, so expect your Groodle to be by your side and involved in all family activities. 



When a Pug and a Cavalier cross they create the utterly adorable ‘Pugalier’. The combination of the two breeds created a longer nosed pug, thus minimising the breathing issues commonly seen in pugs. Known to be super friendly and eager to please, this little breed will be a loyal companion to you and your family, providing hours of entertainment and joy. 

We hope one of these breeds has taken your fancy and will soon be a part of your family. Don’t forget to create your new pooch a PatchPets profile.  PatchPets is available for free download of the PatchPets App on both iOS and Android. Through the PatchPets app, you can connect with doggos of the same breed! Your pooch will be sure to find their new BFF.