Socialisation for your dog is one of the most important foundations for ensuring your pooch is healthy and happy. Did you know that dogs who miss out on socialisation at a young age pose a threat to others and themselves later in life? This is because they are likely to be fearful of new experiences and new dogs. So here is a rundown of the benefits to socialising your pooch at a young age: 



1. Healthier Dogs 


If your pooch interacts with other dogs at a young age they will be more comfortable later in life playing with their doggo friends. If your pooch is comfortable regularly playing with their friends, this will likely tire them out – which ultimately makes a happy and fit pooch.

2. Build a confident pup 

Exposing your pooch to different types of dogs, experiences and environments means your pooch will feel comfortable in all situations. Controlling and reducing the number of times your dog experiences anxiety will make them an all-round happier pup. 


3. Easier Grooming and Easier Vet Exams 

Groomers and Vets alike know that dogs who are anxious and fearful of new situations are difficult to work with. Anxious pooches often refuse to be touched by strangers making grooming or a check-up quite difficult. Also, if your vet is unable to properly examine your dog, he/she will be more likely to develop health issues. 


4. Reduce aggression

There is nothing quite as scary as your pooch attacking or being attacked by another dog. To reduce the risk of experiencing this situation, ensure your pooch has engaged with different breeds of dogs. 


It is recommended by dog professionals to expose your pup to at least 7 new social experiences per week, between the age of 12-16wks old. Dog Parks and Doggie Daycares are a pawsome way to build your pooch’s confidence and socialisation skills. PatchPets allows users to see their nearest dog park or doggie daycare. PatchPets is available for free download of the PatchPets App on both iOS and Android.