PatchPets Release Notes

PatchPets 2020-04-03

Mobile Application

  • Support for the new pet-related business type when adding/editing a business, business on the map, and viewing business profiles;
  • Added support for new canine vaccines;
  • Multiple bug fixes;
  • Major update to the application code base and preparing support for upcoming features;
  • Save images from Posts, Profiles and Groups to the mobile device using a long press;
  • Addresses for Businesses, Events and Parks can now be opened in Google Maps on the mobile device;
  • GIFs and Stickers can now be used in Posts;
  • Updates to some technical messages to make them more friendly and easier to understand;
  • Fixed issue where some private and VPN (Virtual Private Networking) services would interfere with the application loading;
  • Support for international phone numbers added;
  • Updates of third party software used in Mobile Application.
  • Version change in the mobile application to 2.1.16.

PatchPets Platform

  • Support for updated canine vaccines, these are now:
    • C3
    • C4
    • C5
    • C6
    • C7
  • New platform deployment/management system;
  • New pet-related business types, these are:
    • Accommodation
    • Behaviourist
    • Cafe/Restaurant
    • Daycare
    • Groomer
    • Other
    • Pet-friendly business
    • Pet minding at pet’s home
    • Pet sitting with minder
    • Pet store
    • Tourism
    • Trainer
    • Transport
    • Vet
    • Vet hospital
    • Walkers
  • New Content Delivery Network (CDN) covering 200+ cities in over 90 countries spanning across:
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • China
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • North America
    • Latin America & the Caribbean
    • Oceania
  • New internal system to monitor platform health;
  • New external system to monitor platform health;
  • New infrastructure and services alert/notification system;
  • New caching and proxy system with intelligent routing to fastest delivery between the end-user and the platform;
  • New redundant faster DNS (Domain Name System) for the platform;
  • New platform firewalls in place;
  • New platform fringe security system to detect and protect against attacks, malicious bots, DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service), and rate limit connections;
  • New mid-layer firewall and intrusion prevention system;
  • New services error analysis and reporting system in place;
  • Encrypted traffic upgrade for the entire platform;
  • New auto-building API document system for the platforms API methods;
  • Multiple bug fixes;
  • New infrastructure hosting for database;
  • New infrastructure hosting for servers;
  • New server environment for the backend;
  • New Name support for profiles implemented to replace previous legacy version;
  • Improved token support for front-end applications;
  • New standard format for supporting international phone numbers implemented;
  • Various other backend and development improvements to the PatchPets platform.

PatchPets 2020-03-20

Mobile Application

  • Improved data handling
  • Several speed improvements
  • Improved application loading
  • Several application background improvements

PatchPets 2020-03-02

Mobile Application

  • Updates of third party software used in Mobile Application.
  • Some small updates and improvements to code base.

PatchPets 2020-01-17

Mobile Application

  • Fix for iOS to enable scrolling through multiple images for a business.
  • In some instances where deleting an account was not successful, this has been fixed.
  • Fix for viewing a profile within the Previously Checked-in section of the Dog Parks.
  • Fixed a display anomaly where a gap would sometimes appear in a larger list of pets while scrolling.
  • The ability to follow another pet directly from Previous Check-ins in Dog Parks is now working.
  • You can now update your location where ever you are in the world.
  • Facebook logins issue has been fixed.
  • Logout issue that was intermittently occurring form some users has been fixed.
  • Push notification on iOS has been updated and is working again.