Advertise with PatchPets2020-02-05T02:43:47+00:00

I would love to advertise within the PatchPets mobile app, is this possible?

Advertising is coming soon to the PatchPets App, click here to submit your interest with us.

My business on PatchPets2020-02-25T03:17:19+00:00

I would love for my business to be in the PatchPets mobile app!  How do I apply and does it cost money?

Creating a business profile is completely FREE!  Currently, there are two methods to create a business listing: 

Already on PatchPets

  1. Once logged on, access the business directory.
  2. Find your business.
  3. Claim your business.
  4. You are ready to roll!




New to PatchPets

  1. Sign up as business.
  2. Set up profile (you existing info will automatically be updated)
  3. You are ready to roll!

 Once you have completed your profile your business will be available within the business directory for all doggo lovers to see.

Add a pet breed2020-02-05T04:25:19+00:00

My pet breed is missing, how do I add a new breed?

To suggest a new breed, open the PatchPets mobile app:

  • Select the Menu
  • Select Contact the PatchPets Team and message PatchPets with the breed you would like added. 
Submit a dog park2020-02-25T03:17:57+00:00

My local dog park isn’t yet listed, how do I add it?

How to submit a dog park

  1. Select the menu tab.
  2. Followed by submit a park.
  3. Move the pin to the appropriate location, enable the features which the park has. 
  4. Press submit.
How do I delete my account?2020-02-25T03:18:25+00:00

To delete your PatchPets account

  1. Select the menu tab. 
  2. Followed by account settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the section, press delete account.
  4. Confirm deletion.
Remove a pet profile2020-02-25T03:19:13+00:00

How to delete a pet profile

  1. Select the menu tab.
  2. Followed by account settings.
  3. Press the ‘my dogs’ section.
  4. Edit the dog you would like to delete.
  5. Press the ‘trash can’ to delete the appropriate dog.