The rise of ‘dogfluencers’ is undeniable, so, we’ve pulled together tips for getting into the dogfluencer game, so your furry friend gets the perks they’ve been barking for.

  1.     It’s more than just looks: Though you might think you have the cutest dog in the world you still need to think about your dog’s personality and bring it to life in your captions and images. If you think your dog oozes sass that show it! Let your dog’s character set the tone of voice for your account and go from there.
  1.     Give it some time: Fame doesn’t happen overnight! Don’t be discouraged if your account starts small. The hotshot dogfluencers have been growing their accounts for years and it take time to build trust with our followers and traction in a busy market. Followers happen as a result of what you do and only those that do it better than others rise to the top.
  1.   Consistency is key: Once you have your tone of voice down, make sure your content follows the same theme.  This way your followers know what to expect when they see your pet in their Instagram feed. Be consistent with the tone of your captions, the quality of your photos/videos, the filter that you use, and the color palette of your posts. If you check Mr. Pokee’s account, the Hedgehog is often portrayed with beautiful flowers and nature in the background. His signature pose is lying on his back and posing as a pineapple. Consistency in posting frequency is also essential, especially with the new Instagram algorithm.
  2. Use third-party apps to make your posts stand out: Raise your Instagram game by taking advantage of nifty apps out there. The visual aspect is crucial on Instagram. Loki the Wolfdog is known for gorgeous images that capture his outdoor adventures. Imagine National Geographic meets GQ with wolf dogs as models. Each post has high resolution, cohesive cool color palette, and story captions that inspire you to get outside with your pet. For your pet to get noticed, put a little extra effort into making high-quality content. Third-party apps offer multiple tools to create and edit your photos and videos to utmost eye-popping perfection. Check out this post to get you started. You have no excuse left for posting boring posts!

These four tips are sure to take your pooches IG to the next level!

Use this time at home to start banking content and brainstorming creative ideas to make your doggo’s account the next big thing!

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