The PatchPets Pups and Pilates live show sessions were a big hit in 2019, with hundreds of dogs, puppies and of course their owners attending the live Pilates sessions in parks across Australia.

Now, it’s 2020, and the times are a changing, with the world increasingly embracing online learning platforms in new and exciting ways. PatchPets has partnered with Pilates Zoom, bringing Pups and Pilates back, offering a completely free Pilates session for you and your dog online, every Friday exclusively in the month of June.

21-year-old PatchPets founder, Josh Fritz said, “These Pups & Pilates Zoom sessions promise to provide pups and their parents an opportunity to connect with each other and other dogs in a new fun and exciting way!”

He added, “these online Pilates sessions with your pooch perfectly harness the PatchPets mission of embracing innovative ways to enhance the lives of dogs and dog owners. PatchPets endeavors to positively impact our community by encouraging socialisation via meet-ups and in-app interaction, with the hope to build a stronger, healthier and safer canine community during times of isolation”.

Pilates Zoom Co-Director and Principal Pilates Instructor, Claire Gunther says “There is no denying Pilates is great for the mind, body and soul – aside from the physical benefits that include building immunity, regular Pilates practice can improve focus, boost brainpower and decrease stress”.

Claire added, “We’ve created a 45-minute workout that is sure to boost endorphins and give dog parents the opportunity to bond with their pup.”

With only 20 Pups & Pilates Zoom spots available per online session, participants will need to bark quickly to secure their spot. Please follow the link HERE.