Recently there has been lots of press surrounding the dangers of travelling with pets. 

We caught up with Jenna Matheson from Jetpets, a pet travel and transport agency, to chat all things pet travel and what you should and shouldn’t consider when planning your next all-inclusive family get away! Check out Jenna’s key tips for preparing your pooch for their next big trip below.   

Name:  Jenna Matheson

Job role:  Marketing Manager at Jetpets  

Number of dogs/breed and names:  My puppies name is Sonny – he is a 6 month old Groodle

Location:  Melbourne

Favourite dog-friendly spot to visit with Sonny: Strathmore Dog Park – a great fenced in park where Sonny gets to socialise with other dogs of all shapes and sizes


Name the one place you would take Sonny  for a holiday? 

I’d love to take Sonny to Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, it is one of my favourite places to visit. My idea of a perfect morning is walking Sonny along the beachfront boardwalk followed by a coffee in the sun with him.  


How would you describe what you do?

At Jetpets we have the privilege of taking care of the furry members of the family during their travels. Whether that be for lucky pets who are joining their family on holidays, pets who are moving interstate or overseas, or pets who are meeting their families for the first time. We take care of all of their pet travel requirements. From arranging flight itineraries, reserving their spot on the aircraft, to collecting them from home and delivering them to their family at their destination – wherever that may be. The best and most rewarding part of our job is reuniting pets with their families. The tail wags, the smiles and the happy tears make our job very special. 


Can you tell us a little more about the services Jetpets offers?  

Jetpets arranges pet travel that is completely focused on the welfare and comfort of the pets in our care. Our pet travel consultants arrange flights and pet travel itineraries, our pet handlers having the lucky job of meeting all of the pets and taking care of them during their travels, as well as providing pet travel updates to pet parents. We also have 6 resident vets based at our Transit Lounges Australia wide, who take care of all veterinarian requirements for our International travellers, and ensure pets are fit and healthy to fly.


What advice would you offer someone considering travelling with their pet?  

If you are considering travelling with your pet we strongly recommend researching an animal transport company that offers the experience and expertise to arrange every aspect of your pets travel with their safety and comfort in mind. There is many factors to consider to ensure your pets trip is a comfortable and stress free one, including booking the best and most direct travel route, selecting the right sized travel crate, if your pet requires medication owners should ensure they select a company with vets on staff to administer this, owners need to ensure that if their pets flight is delayed or cancelled that the company has the infrastructure and facilities to take care of their pet until they are ready for their next flight.


Some other pre travel tips include:

  • Crate train your pet prior to travel
  • Do not feed your pet a heavy meal prior to their flight – pets experience travel sickness too, a light snack is okay
  • Ensure your pet is fully hydrated prior to their flight and has access to water throughout their journey
  • Ensure they have a good chance to stretch their legs and go to the toilet prior to travel
  • We recommend placing a small blanket or item of clothing with a familiar scent into your pets travel crate for comfort
  • We do not recommend sedating your pet, it can be harmful as it can lower blood pressure and cause dehydration.
  • For anxious pets, our resident vets recommend a natural remedy such as feliway spray for cats and an adaptil collar for dogs


What is a misconception people have about travelling with their pets? 

A common misconception that people have about travelling with their pet is that it is dangerous. Air travel for pets is a very safe mode of transport if all of the policies and procedures that support animal welfare are followed. Pets travel by air very comfortably, after all they have way more leg room than humans in their travel crates.


What resources would you recommend for dog parents when planning to travel with their pet?  

I would recommend they visit our website or YouTube channel, where there is lots of information about pet travel, including pre travel tips and how best to settle your pets into their new home. We also have videos that take people behind the scenes at the airport, as well as various customer videos, where they share their experience of transporting their pet. Our Latest News section is also a great resource hub for many pet topics.

Should dog parents be worried or stressed when transporting pets? 

At Jetpets we understand it can be an anxious time handing over your precious furbaby for travel, however Jetpets has been in operation for 28 years and last year alone we transported 65,000 pets within Australia and around the world. We are very experienced in pet travel, and above all we are animal lovers and fur-parents ourselves, we have pet welfare at the heart of everything we do.  

Our pets can sense our anxieties, so we try and keep pet parents as calm as possible when transporting their pets.