On February 15, PETstock stores across Australia will host their sixth annual National Pet Adoption Day. The day is aimed at supporting pet rescues by re-homing animals and finding their fur-ever homes. The PatchPets team caught up with PETstock’s Charity and Events Coordinator, Jessica Guilfoyle, to learn a little more about the special day (and of course hear a little about her own fur babies!) 


Read our conversation below. 

Number of dogs/breed and names (if any): 

2 border Collies – Jazz (8yrs) and Duke (4yrs) 

Favourite dog-friendly spot (if any): 

Brighton/Seacliff Beach, SA 

If your dog was a human, who would they be?

Jazz would be Dame Maggie Smith – a dog of class and talent who you would not want to cross but also has a fun side. 

Duke would be Owen Wilson – plays a good dummy and a softy all at once. Also has some hidden smarts (really, deep down). 

Tell us a little about PETstock National Pet Adoption Day? 

Now in its sixth year, National Pet Adoption Day which is led by PETstock’s charity PETstock Assist, aims to raise awareness of pet adoption and find loving homes for pets in need to break the cycle of pet homelessness in Australia. 

On Saturday 15 February, PETstock stores across the country will host local rescue groups and would-be pet owners are encouraged to attend their local PETstock store to learn more about pet adoption. 

This year we are encouraging Australians to ‘Adopt Different’ in 2020; to adopt a different way of thinking, make considered and sustainable choices and adopt a pet that matches their lifestyle, rather than adopting based on species or breed preference. 

Question 3: What animals can you expect to find at these adoption days? 

Rescue pets of all different shapes, sizes, breeds and types will be available for adoption. From scaly reptiles and cuddly rabbits, to cute chickens and playful dogs. All rescue pets available for adoption receive up-to-date vaccines, are desexed and have undergone a full health assessment – making the transition from rescue group to ‘forever’ home very easy. 

Is there an adoption process that must be followed, prior to taking your new pet home? 

Each individual rescue group will have their own adoption process and fees. Each PETstock store will have a representative from their local rescue group attending on the day, so locals are encouraged to chat to them to find out more about the adoption process specific to that group. 

Roughly, how many homes are you looking to find? 

The past five National Pet Adoption Days have found homes for nearly 3,000 animals across Australia, and this year PETstock Assist is aiming to find forever homes for another 1,000 rescue pets. 

What considerations should one take prior to adopting a pet? 

Every year, 100,000 pets are killed in council pounds and shelters, many without ever being given the chance to find a new home. Many well socialised and trained pets are surrendered through no fault of their own. 

The most common changes in circumstances include moving to a new house or rental property that can’t accommodate pets; experiencing ill health; losing a job or facing a change in financial status; or relationship breakdown. 

Considering how active you are, your financial situation, how long your work hours are or how much space you have are all vital when considering welcoming a pet into your home. 

Even pets that may not have had a great start to life can become wonderful companions. Finding the most suited pet to your lifestyle will give yourself and your newly adopted pet the best chance at a life together, rather than the pet ending up back in rescue. 

Can you only adopt on the day of the event, or can you adopt pets throughout the year at PETstock Assist? 

You can absolutely adopt a rescue pet throughout the year. PETstock Assist works with team members from more than 150 PETstock stores and local partner rescue groups in communities across the country to find as many forever homes for pets in need of a second chance. You can also visit our event partner PetRescue’s website to learn more about the 7,000 listed rescue pets across Australia currently looking for forever homes. 

PETstock Assist is committed to making a difference and positive change in the lives of pets and humans through its various long-term rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming initiatives. 

We provide rescue groups with space, temporary or permanent, in stores for adoptable pets to spend their time, giving potential pet parents the chance to meet rescue pets in a positive, convenient and friendly environment. 

What are your three best pieces of advice for first time dog owners? 

  1. Evaluate your lifestyle and consider which type of dog would be most suitable. Short term fostering can be a great way to evaluate if you are ready to take on the responsibilities of a dog full time. 
  2. Make sure you have all the accessories – no matter the age, dogs need stimulus such as toys to keep themselves busy, happy and healthy. Ensure you have the correct food, bedding and supplies to welcome a dog into your home. 
  3. Ensure you have the time to spend with the new dog, particularly when adopting. Adopted dogs require that little bit of extra love and support when settling into their new forever home.