We are proud to announce our sponsorship with Paws and Relax’s 2019 Pet Services and Product Awards in Brisbane on the 22nd of June, 2019. This Award recognises the exceptional effort of local businesses and individuals making a difference in the pet community.

PatchPets is Australia’s first social dog app designed to help dog owners socialise their dogs with their best furry friends. We hope to contribute to the dog-loving community by connecting owners and their dogs to like-minded individuals and businesses.


What is Paws and Relax?

Paws and Relax provides an exceptional doggy day care, group and one-on-one training, and grooming services. They create a fun and positive learning experience for dogs in their care while building a strong partnership with their owners. Paws and Relax prides itself on its modesty, focusing on providing quality care and helping aid the growth of their doggy community.

Paws and Relax are dedicated to supporting the dog community while engaging across industry to help drive growth and innovation. They are long term RSPCA Corporate Supporters and have been an active part of the community, attending the Million Paws Walk since its opening in March 2014.


What are the 2019 Pet Services and Product Awards?

The Awards aim to recognise outstanding contributors in the Brisbane pet community with six different award categories. These awards recognise pet friendly businesses, excellence in health service, pet retail products, community groups, outstanding individuals and people’s choice.

The awards will take place in Portside on June 22nd, with an expected audience of 150 guests. The Pet Services and Product Awards will give recognition to businesses that embrace pets in all aspects of life, from facilities to health care, and retailers. The aim is to make a difference in the pet industry, raising standards and increasing the expertise in this growing sector.

PatchPets is inclusive and supportive of the dog-loving community, which is why we decided to become the major sponsor for the Awards. We are committed to growing the dog community in Brisbane with other like-minded local businesses, groups and individuals. At PatchPets, we believe that dogs aren’t just pets, they are what inspire us and motivate us. We built the app with the intention of creating a community that honoured and supported our pets, just as they support us. The awards recognise groups who make a positive impact on the outcomes of animals and encourage involvement in the community. As these are fundamental aspects of our business, we are thrilled to be in partnership and give support to other businesses in the community with aligning goals.


The finalists for each category of the 2019 Pet Services and Product Awards on the 22nd June, 2019, are up on the Paws and Relax website.