Desexing is something that all responsible pet owners need to do. National Desexing month is the best time regardless of whether you have a cat, dog, rat or any other kind of mammal. It does more than just combat the rampant stray population. Desexing has been proven to make pets live longer, happier and healthier lives.


Some pet owners think that their pet could not make much of a difference. However, within two years one female cat can be responsible for the births of up to 20,000 descendent kittens. A female dog can do the same in about 5 years. So many of these will end up wandering the streets carrying illness and infection, leading miserable lives fraught with starvation and cruelty. Pounds and shelters can only do so much and the burden of trying to help as many of these animals as possible strains their resources to the absolute limit.


What is National Desexing Month?


In order to combat these problems, the National Desexing Network is teaming up with over 200 vets to try to help. This comes in the form of subsidies, deals and discounts which makes desexing cats, dogs and other pets as affordable as possible for everyone.


July is national desexing month because it is important that desexing takes place before the summer breeding season begins. This year, to try to push things even further the special theme “lets talk about desexing was chosen”. Owners should go to go to their local vets and ask if they are participating. If not, it helps if their customers can encourage them to do so. Also, even people who own pets that have already been desexed can help by talking to other pet owners they know persuading them to do the same.


What else can be done?


Desexing dogs is a great way to make sure that they cannot give birth to unwanted litters and the same is true for all pets. However, there are other steps you can take beyond that to help do more.


First of all, if you are not already a pet owner but will be then consider adopting. There are tens of thousands of wonderful animals out there who deserve a chance. This way, you not only save an animal’s life but also strike back at puppy factories and other terrible practices and the conditions they create.


If you have a pet and worry about the process then reach out. A lot of the worries people have about desexing their pets are actually misconceptions. The process is actually one of the easiest and safest surgical procedures that are performed. Also, male pets need to be desexed just as much as females.


When buying food and supplies for your pet, you can also make sure to support shops that in turn support rescue and adoption groups. Among the supplies that you do get, consider getting an ID collar and microchip so that if your pet ever goes missing it will be brought back to you as soon as possible.