The devastating bushfires currently ravaging Australia are sadly leaving many without a home. If you are in, or near, an affected area and are facing the possibility of evacuating your home, remember to have an emergency plan in place for your furry friend. Creating an emergency plan can greatly increase the success of safely evacuating your pet. Follow the below steps in to ensure your pet will be cared for during these extreme times: 

  1.  Plan where your pet can be relocated if you need to evacuate. This may mean locating a nearby safe boarding-kennel or a family member/ friend residing in a safe area. 
  2.  Ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date in order for them to be successfully accepted into a boarding-kennel if needed. 
  3.  Keep your dog’s microchip and dog tag up to date with your current contact information. 
  4.  Prepare a ‘Grab and Go’ Pet Evacuation Kit:

If you are still uncertain, RSPCA offers great contacts to assist you in your disaster action plan. Please remember to only abandon your pet if it is not possible to relocate them. Australia is seeing an animal welfare crisis like no other in our history. We hope you and your pooches remain safe during this time!