Getting a puppy or adopting a dog from a shelter is one of the most exciting things that can happen in your life! There is nothing quite like knowing your new furry companion will live their whole life by your side. To ensure they have the smoothest possible transition, we have created this blog to run you through the basics. Although these tips and tricks may seem aimed at new puppies, the same rules still apply for the adoption of an adult dog from a shelter. 

The Supplies: 

Before your new puppy comes home you need to ensure you have everything they could ever need. We have developed the following check-list of goodies you should own, prior to your new pooch coming home: 

Before They Arrive (Responsibilities & Safety): 

Before your new best friend arrives, ensure your family are across the responsibilities each family member will undertake. Who will feed her/him every morning and night? Who will take her/him on their daily walks? Establishing responsibilities before your pooch arrives will ensure they never go without. 

Secondly, ensure that your house is puppy-proof/doggo proof. Anything that can be reached will most likely be chewed. Ensure all electrical wires are far out of reach and any valuables (read: expensive shoes) need to find a new, safe home. Ensure your gardens are safe by researching flora that may be poisonous to doggo’s and remove these in advance. 

The Vet 

Search out your nearby, local vet. You can download the PatchPets App, available for both iOS and Android, to locate the closest vet to you. Ensuring you know where your nearby vet is, and which are “good” vets too. This can assist greatly if you should need to make an emergency visit at any time. 

Preparing Yourself 

Taking in a new puppy is a massive commitment, so we recommend allocating enough time alone with them to help them settle in. If taking a few days off work is not a viable option, consider your social and weekend plans include spending time with your new addition. 

Lastly, enjoy yourself! The first few weeks with a new puppy is the most exciting time. You’ll experience a lot of firsts with them; their first walk, their first poo outside and their first haircut! Make sure you enjoy every moment of it and take plenty of pictures.