New Years Eve for us hoomans is a time for celebration! While our celebration mostly includes drinking and eating, it can also include loud parties and even louder fireworks. For our little furry friends, these loud noises and bright flashes of light can be a cause for major stress and anxiety. We have curated a list of methods that assist to reduce your doggo’s anxiety surrounding this time of year. 

7 tips to Calm your dog during fireworks: 

  1. Give your dog plenty of exercise during the day. This will ensure your doggo is super tired during the fireworks, thus they will be less likely to react. 
  2. Provide your dog with a small enclosed place for which they can retreat. A crate is a great option for your fur-baby. 
  3. During fireworks make sure you keep your doggo inside. The loud sounds can cause dogs to attempt to escape their backyards. 
  4. This links nicely to the previous tip – ensure your dog is wearing a current ID tag. If they were to go missing, they can be easily returned to you! 
  5. It is recommended that, if possible, close all windows and curtains. Removing visual stimulation can assist in calming dogs. 
  6. Enrichment toys! Provide your fur-baby with an enrichment toy to keep them mentally stimulated during the fireworks. 
  7. Sound therapy – through music you can calm your dog anxiety plus it can drown out the sounds of the fireworks!

We hope your doggo’s anxiety levels are reduced with the help of this list!