Teaching your doggo new tricks is a pawsome way to keep your dog stimulated both mentally and physically. Also, there is the added bonus of getting more one-on-one time to bond with your furry friend!

In order to get the best out of your dog and not bore them, it is recommended that training sessions last no more than 10 minutes each. Additionally, if you want your dog to learn, you too must be in the right mood. If you are in a good mood you’re more likely to praise your dog enthusiastically. 

Lastly, make sure you end the training session with playtime, so your dog associates training with their favourite activity: playtime. The mixture of these creates the perfect recipe for teaching your dog new tricks. 

*It is assumed your dog already has the basics down (sit, lay and stay). If not, your doggo may have difficulty learning these new tricks. 

  1. Shake Hands 

Begin by placing your dog into the sit position. Place a treat in your hand. Slowly, move your hand towards the ground and towards the dog’s paw. 

Your dog will raise their paw in anticipation of the treat. Here you should use your verbal cue ‘SHAKE’. Give the dog a treat and praise them enthusiastically. 

As your dog becomes more familiar with this command, gradually increase the height of your hand. Eventually, the dog will need to raise their paw higher to get the treat. 

  1. High Five 

After your dog has mastered the SHAKE command the next natural step is the high-five trick. Begin by working on the shake command, however, hold your hand in a high-five position and say your verbal cue ‘HIGH-FIVE’. If your dog hits your palm, praise them and give them a treat. 

  1. Speak  

This trick is easy to teach a doggo who is already quite vocal, while a quiet dog may take a bit more training to master it. Begin by holding a treat above your dog and within cm’s from their face. Hold the treat and state your command, ‘SPEAK’. 

Your dog will eventually become frustrated for not yet receiving the treat. As such, they should let out a groan or whimper of frustration. Reward this with the treat. As your dog becomes more comfortable with this command his/her bark should become stronger and more demanding. 

  1. Kiss 

To do this trick, begin by placing a treat on your cheek. Add the command ‘Kiss’. Soon you will be able to take away the treat as your dog becomes familiar with the command. 

We hope you and your pooch have fun learning these new tricks. Show us how you went by tagging @patchpetsapp on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our channel!