Having a pet around you has been tested and proven to be a therapeutic approach. It becomes more interesting if your pet has some special skills. Dogs are known to be loyal and quick learners. The essential skill in dogs is rolling. Teaching your dog how to roll can be both a blessing and a curse. Therefore you should learn skills that will help you get nothing but the best from your dog. Here are some dog training tips you can incorporate into your training sessions.

Puppy Training

Teach your dog the “down” command

Teaching your dog how to roll is quite easy. This impressive skill is even easier for your dog if he knows the “down” command. Before you start training your dog, ask him to perform a “down” position. Train your dog the lie-down command before preparing him the roll over the trick.


Puppy Training

Have treats for your dog

Treats will help you entice the dog. Give your dog a special treat such as roasted beef, turkey, ham, or chicken. For best results, break the treats into small bites. They will make your dog remain active throughout the training. Small bites can also be used to motivate the dog since he will be hungry for treats. In your treats avoid salty and fatty foods.


While still using treats, embrace verbal phases. To be more precise, use a clicker to train your dog. A clicker is preferred because you can click at the exact time the dog changes behaviour.


Avoid punishing your dog during the training session. He may not understand anything from negative reinforcement. Therefore the dog will be sceptical about learning new tricks. Using negative tones will result in your dog associating the method with the infliction of fear.


Dog Training Tips

Secure a comfortable training room

Before executing dogs training tips, get a good training room. The room should be free from distractions. Dog training tricks require ample space. This is merely because the dog will be moving around. To avoid distractions, let occupants of the house know that you are having a training session.


dog training tricks

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

The process starts will the “lie down” trick. This is the genesis of the training session. The dog should be able to rest his stomach on the ground with his head lifted and paws in front of him. At this position, he can easily roll over without hurting himself.

1. Have a treat on the dog’s face

Hold a treat close to his face. He should be able to see and smell the treat. To entice your dog, close your fingers so that he cannot snatch the treat until he does the trick. However, you should be keen so that you don’t get bit.

2. Move the treat closer and say, “roll-over.”

Move the treat around your dog’s head so that he follows it. Where his nose goes, the head and body follow. Perform the tip again to develop a path that will cause him to roll over. While moving the treat around, say roll over in a clear and friendly voice. These tips will help your dog to associate physical movement with a spoken command. You can go further to use a hand signal indicating the roll-over motion.

How to teach a dog to roll over

3. Keep practising

Keep training your dog to roll over. During training sessions, you can help your dog to roll if he is not getting the moves on his own. As you carry on the training, reward your dog after he makes a right move. Rewards will encourage him to keep trying. Also, praise him by creating an exciting voice.

4. Keep practising until he does the trick on his own

After successfully rolling over with your help, he should be able to do it on his own. This time you should not be moving a treat around his head. Command him to roll over. When he does it on his own, reward him with a treat.

5. Perfect the trick

To perfect the trick refrain from offering a treat every time. He will seize from expecting a treat every time he rolls successfully. Unpredictability will keep the dog interested in performing the trick.



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