Social media isn’t just for humans. Platforms for pet-lovers have been around for over a decade, and have only become more popular since the rise of smartphones. At first glance, pet social media apps are a lot like ordinary social apps. Users create a profile and then connect with friends and acquaintances. The twist is that everyone on the network is a fellow pet-owner, animal-lover or animal service provider. Some networks are global, allowing you to connect with people anywhere in the pet-owning world. Others are focused on a particular region — an entire country or a particular area.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of pet social networks, such as the opportunity to network with pet owners, learn about pet care and find pet-related services in your area.

1. Connect Online with Other Pet Owners

The most obvious benefit of joining a pet social network is that you get to network with other owners, make friends and enjoy their company. For instance, a dog social media app makes it easy to find play-dates for your pup.

As well as being engaging and fun, pet social networks are very helpful when you have questions about pet care. When you’re dealing with a minor issue or one that your vet can’t address, it’s often quicker and easier to crowdsource advice about your pet than it is to conduct research on your own. Being a pet owner is rewarding but it can also be challenging. It’s helpful to have a friendly group you can approach to ask questions like “How can I housebreak my new puppy?” or “How do I stop Felix from clawing the curtains?” Of course, if your pet is showing symptoms of a serious health issue, the right course of action is to seek professional veterinary advice. That said, it’s just not possible to take your pet to the vet for every little thing. Some odd symptoms or behaviours may actually be quite normal — just unfamiliar and confusing. In these cases, it can be helpful to get input from experienced pet owners who can reassure you or give you some tips.

2. Read About and See Cute Animals Online

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Most animal lovers like nothing better than to share photos, videos and stories relating to their furry (not to mention feathery and scaley) friends. Watching and discussing the endearing antics of pets, whether they’re yours or someone else’s, is endlessly entertaining.

3. Make Real-Life Contacts

meet dog owners in your area

These apps can even help you meet new people in real life. It can be exciting to connect with someone who shares your interests — especially since pets are such a large part of your life. With a pet network app, you already know that your new acquaintance loves animals as much as you do. For example, if you’re a dog lover you can use a pet network app to meet dog owners in your area.

4. Access Support

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Pet networks can also provide support during tough times, such as when a beloved animal is ill or injured. While they might not able to help directly, other pet owners can give you a lot of support. Apps are helpful here because you can contact people rapidly and get support from multiple individuals. It can be very comforting to reach out and get encouragement from someone who’s been through the same thing.

5. Find Dog Park and Businesses near You

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A pet social app can help find local dog parks, care and services for your pet. It can be difficult to find the right vet, groomer or pet-sitter in your area. Pet social apps let you look up nearby providers, as well as showing you comments and reviews from previous customers. There’s nothing like a personal recommendation to help you narrow down your choices and home in on exactly the right business; these apps put that kind of information at your fingertips.

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