Considering bringing a furry friend into the family fold? Local shelters and rescue groups are especially busy at this time of year, seeking forever homes for many of their adorable pooches. While adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding actions you can take, it’s understandable if you still have some reservations about the whole Adopt Don’t Shop notion, so we’ve created this blog to help highlight the benefits!

1. You’ll save a doggo’s life 



In Australia, it is reported that more than 130,000 dogs are euthanized each year. If each new dog owner were to search for rescue shelters before purchasing from a breeder, the number of euthanized pooches would be dramatically reduced. 



2. You save a second life


After adopting a shelter pooch, you’re making room for the next pooch to find its furever home. Additionally, your adoption fees go towards helping the next pooch in need. 



3. It’s cheaper


Adopting from a shelter means your wallet won’t feel the sting both short term and long term. The cost of adopting as opposed to shopping is significantly different. Shelter animals are also already spayed/ neutered, had their first (or all) vaccinations and are often microchipped. What does this mean? More cash for spoiling your new furiend rotten! 



4. You’ll have a pawsome new family member 


Shelter dogs often end up in shelters due to situational issues such as divorce or moving, which is no fault of their own. Most of these pooches are already house-trained, meaning your carpet and couch will thank you. Additionally, these pooches have likely lived with a family previously, so they’ll fit right in. 



5. You’ll be fighting the existence of puppy mills 


Puppy mills are where dogs are born in a factory-style facility with the sole purpose of breeding to make a profit. These puppy mills are known for their terrible living conditions, including extremely sick dogs due to overcrowding. Adopting and not shopping ensures your investment in a new family member doesn’t jeopardise the safety of other dogs by unintentionally supporting a puppy mill.  


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