Melbourne, Australia is renowned around the world for its beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and friendly atmosphere. Many of the beaches here often appear in the list of the best beaches around the globe. For many pooch owners, the question as to whether they can go dog walking on the beach is one that keeps recurring.


While some beaches in Melbourne do not allow dogs, there are some that do not have restrictions. They include:


dog beach Melbourne

1. Sandown Street Beach, Brighton


Also known as the Brighton Dog Beach, this is arguably the most popular dog-beach in the city. Unlike other beaches in the Bayside council which tend to change their rules depending on the season, this is one dog-beach that will allow your pooch to run around all year round.

What makes this beach so popular with dog owners? It has shallow water, is safely fenced, and is close to the city. It also has plenty of space for you to play catch with your dog.


Address: St Ninians Rd, Brighton VIC 3186, Australia

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2. PA Burns Reserve, Altona


If you are within the inner-west area, then this is the ideal beach for you and your doggo. The beach is vast and is surrounded by numerous dog parks. The dog has enough space to run loose and play on the sandy beaches.

Although the beach is not fenced, it is expansive, and the pooch can safely jump into the water. The beach is open 24/7 throughout the year. You can, therefore, head over there after work for some play time with your companion.


Address: Altona Rd, Seaholme VIC 3018, Australia

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3. West Beach, St Kilda


This is one beach that all dog owners should visit. It is quite close to the city making it the ideal beach for anyone looking for dog-friendly beaches in Melbourne. The beach is also ideal for those people who just want to relax and watch other people spend time with their pooches. Dogs are allowed off leash here.


Address: W Beach Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Direction: Click here


dog-friendly beaches Melbourne

4. Whites Beach, Torquay


While it may not be in Melbourne, it is within driving distance. It is one beach where you are likely to find dogs and their owners roaming the beach all year round. Dog owners do not have to worry about leashing their dogs as there is all-year-round off-leash access. Whites beach is expansive and filled with waves and sand. Your dog will love it here as it gets a chance to jump around.


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5. Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne


Sandridge Beach is a nice little beach with great views of the pier at Port Melbourne. Ships coming into Melbourne dock at this particular pier. You will notice that the beach has plenty of sand to play with even when there are high tides. 


Address: Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 

Direction: Click here


6. St. Kilda Dog Beach Near the Marina


There is another dog-friendly beach near the marina at St. Kilda. It can be accessed via the Marine Parade or through the skate parking area. During low tides, it offers plenty of sandbanks for the dogs to play with and romp. The area close to the marina also has some large rocks that many dogs like to explore. Free parking is provided in the side streets and close to the marina. You can find paid parking near the skate park and the reserve.


Address: W Beach Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Direction: Click here



port Melbourne dog beach

7. Port Melbourne Dog Beach


Port Melbourne off-lead pooch beach lies between Bay Street and Lagoon Pier. Pooch owners will find paid parking on the streets close to the Lagoon Pier. If looking for free parking, check the streets closer to the Station Pier. The beach is lovely and is located close to Bay Street, which is renowned for its food and coffee.


Address: Bay Trail, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Direction: Click here


8. Beaumaris—Rickets Point Café and Black Rock Doggo Beach


This is a long off lead pooch beach stretching all the way to the popular Rickets Point Café. The beach is ideal for doggo owners looking to take a long walk with their pooches before grabbing a meal or snack at the famous café. The café also has outdoor seating. You can place a leash on your dog and proceed to take a walk along the Bay Trail.

Unless you are contented with parking in a side street, much of the parking sections on this part of the bay have to be paid for.


Address: 389/390 Beach Rd, Beaumaris VIC 3193, Australia

Direction: Click here


9. Mentone Dog Beach


Another popular spot to go dog walking with your pooch lies on the four hundred and fifty-meter stretch of the off-lead beach located at Mentone. The beach provides amazing and sweeping views of the nearby Port Philip Bay. You also get to see the Mornington Peninsula that is not too far away. Beach Road has a number of suitable cafes for dog owners looking for some refreshments or snacks. Parking is free in all the surrounding side streets.


Address: Mentone VIC 3194, Australia

Direction: Click here


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