As anyone with a smartphone and Instagram account knows, dog accounts make up a huge portion of social media.  A few years ago this may have seemed ridiculous, however it is well and truly the norm now. So, why should a dog have an Instagram account? Simple… Following a pooch on social media is far more interesting than boring hooman accounts. Doggo accounts bring a daily dose of puppy goodness that can brighten your day. Here’s a list of the best dog social media accounts you need to follow: 

Squid the Griff 


With 334k followers, this little Griffon Bruxellois has plenty of fans to adore his adorably unique face. While some argue the Griffon breed isn’t the most attractive, Squid’s personality and character is sure to bring a smile to your face and get that thumb double-tapping!  Squid posts daily so you’ll never miss seeing his cute face.


Mocha the Pom 


Mocha the 6-year-old Pomeranian is possibly the cutest little bundle of fluff…ever!With 2.4 million Tik Tok followers Mocha has a serious internet following. With a face that cute, it makes sense. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see what life with a pom would be like, definitely check out her account. 

Dog Meets World 



Dogmeetsworld documents the lives of three King Charles Cavaliers; Muppet, Cheese, and Crumb. All three are former puppy mill survivors who were rescued, making these three adorable Cavaliers major advocates for adopting rescued pooches. Following their accounts means you won’t just get to see their cute faces, but you’re also reminded of the beautiful message they represent.   


You Stay Wild 


Kopa the Vizsla will not only make you want a Vizsla but also a holiday to Norway. Her pawrents take epic photographs of her whilst they explore the wilderness. So for some photography inspiration check out Kopa’s gorgeous feed. 


Quincy the Cavoodle 

Quincy the Cavoodle is the epitome of the adorable Cavoodle breed. With 25k followers on Instagram and Chief Barkitect here at PatchPets, Quincy will make you fall in love with the cavoodle breed. Based in Brisbane, Quincy was the inspiration behind the social dog app, PatchPets. Quincy’s dad found it difficult to find her friends down at the dog park, so PatchPets was born. PatchPets is available for free download of the PatchPets App on both iOS and Android.