During the current environment, more and more paw parents are practicing social distancing and spending their time at home. While this may not be the most entertaining time for us humans, there’s no doubt our pooches love having us home more!
If you’re looking for ways to beat the boredom (for both yourself and your pooch), we’ve put together a list of ideas for you and your furry pal!
  1. Teach your pooch new tricks: Use this time at home to master that list of commands and tricks you’ve been putting off. Now that you have a little extra time on your hands, why not dedicate it to teaching your pooch.
  2. Take your dog for walks: While ensuring you are obeying the social distancing rules, take your pooch out for your daily dose of fresh air on a long walk around your neighbourhood.
  3. Play a game of find the treats: A great way to keep your furry companion entertained, while also rewarding them for good indoor behaviour. Not only is this a fun way to provide your pooch treats, it’s also a great moral booster.
  4. Play hide and seek: Mental stimulation is just as important for your four-legged pal as it is for you during this time. Keep up your dog’s mental stimulation by interacting with them via a game of hide and seek.
  5. Groom your dog: Kill some time while also leaving your pooch feeling a million bucks! Engaging in regular grooming sessions will help get dogs who don’t tolerate having their nails clipped or teether brushed more used to it. Don’t be afraid to reward them with treats to help calm them.
  6. Relax with them: Is your dog the cuddly type? Why not seize this time at home and simply snuggle up on the couch with them?
  7. Put on a movie and welcome your pup onto the couch with you!
  8. Cook for them: A great way to keep you entertained while also treating your dog! Check out our other blogs for some delicious, healthy recipes.

Remember to stay safe and stay indoors to help #StopTheSpread