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Where is the nearest dog park? Where can my doggo lap up the best puppachino? How can I find local dog communities?

Psst, check out the fastest-growing dog social media app ever.

PatchPets is the leading pet social network app designed to connect dogs and dog owners around the world. It is not just an app for pet dog owners – it’s a social media platform that focuses on the hooman’s best furry friends. PatchPets gives dog pawrents the opportunity  to sniff out your pooch’s perfect playdates! And did we mention it’s free to download?




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About Us

The story of PatchPets started in 2017, when founder Josh Fritz adopted Quincy the Cavoodle. This introduced the pair to the world of dog parks, leading Josh to realise that dog owners are part of a passionate subculture that would relish the chance to form ongoing connections via a dedicated social media platform. This led to the creation of the social dog app, PatchPets.


Since 2019, PatchPets has become one of Australia’s fastest growing apps and aims to at all times maintain the upmost levels of service for customers. Whilst also striving to place itself at the forefront of the technology as an omniplatform app. Overall, we aim to provide the connection between dog-friendly businesses and services with countless dog owners across the world. We can’t wait for you to join the big PatchPets community that’s full of ​​puppers and love!

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